mapm uses problem files in your problems directory (defined in the file $CONFIG/profile) and templates in $CONFIG/templates.

To create a contest, create a file with a .yml extension. To make things easier we call the file contest.yml, but know the filename can be anything - it does not matter what it is called.

Contests must have an array with key problems that contains the names of each problem, and it must also have a string with key template corresponding to a template file. For instance, a very minimal example of a contest.yml would be

template: minimal-template
  year: 2021
  - tally-miscount
  - group-backwards
  - eamc-cyclic
  - angle-bisector-ptolemy
  - max-poly
  - monic-6th-degree
  - phi-fraction
  - tangent-ellipse
  - alexander-balls
  - carpet
  - alien-ages
  - cauchy-telescope

It would correspond to the template below.

problem_count: 12
engine: pdflatex
  problems.tex: MAT-{year}.pdf
  - year
problemvars: []
solutionvars: []

If your template has variables, they must also be present in contest.yml. To make things simple, your variables may only take string values.

You are also allowed to specify a problem_count in contest.yml. This will take priority and override problem_count from template.yml if it exists.