Potential Gotchas


Because of the way the yaml_rust crate works, and the (in our opinion) verbose specifications of the YAML language, the values true, false, yes, no, on, and off are parsed as booleans. However, because of the way TeX works, we cast every value into a string.

This means that yes and on will be incorrectly cast to true, and no and off will be cast to false. We currently see no way to avoid this, as the strict_yaml crate does not support Serde. We do not expect anyone to use these values anyway, but are including it just for completeness sake.

LaTeX: Using mapm vars in \section

As of mapm 6.0.0, this is no longer necessary. In fact, you must not do this, as mapm.sty has \protect applied in the correct macros to make this item a non-issue.

Read only if you are using mapm v5.0.3 or less

You can't write something like

\section{Problem 1 (\probvar{1}{author})}

directly, because under the hood, \probvar calls \input. (mapm does this because it's the only way to make Asymptote work properly.) However, since \input is a fragile command, you have to \protect it when you're in a section. So correct LaTeX would look like

\section{Problem 1 (\protect\probvar{1}{author})}