Post-build scripts

Post-build scripts, as the name suggests, run after building a contest.

For Unix-like systems, if you run mapm build with template TEMPLATE, it will execute ~/.config/mapm/scripts/TEMPLATE (Linux) or ~/Library/Application\ Support/mapm/scripts/TEMPLATE (Mac). Said script file should be a bash script.

On Windows, scripts are invoked using PowerShell. This should not be too big a deal, since post-build scripts should not be too complicated (in particular, it's probably just a wrapper for a PDF viewer).

For mapm preview, the template is "preview", and for mapm preview-all, the template is "preview-all".

These post-build scripts are not included in the template directory for a couple of reasons: - They are OS-specific, unlike template directories. - They are not meant to be very sophisticated. They only exist as a wrapper for Mac OS/Linux users whose PDF viewer isn't a default browser, so they can query for a process with the name preview.pdf instead of unnecessarily running another preview process.